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Completing the details below and paying your Entry Fee will enable us to provide you the Official Entry Form for the International Business Excellence Awards 2017.

The Entry Fee is $475 for each Entry.

Remember the Entry Deadline is 28th February 2017

To Enter:

  • Complete all sections of the form below
  • Make additional Entries to increase your chances of winning
  • Make your payment
  • Receive the Official Entry Form(s).

Entry into the International Business Excellence Awards

You can enter into the Awards any of your initiatives that have yielded tangible business benefits between 10th June 2015 and 27th February 2017.

Each Entry should be no more than 2000 words maximum including the 200 word summary.

Contact Details

Please note that the contact details shown below will be used for all future correspondence including arrangements for presentations to Judges at the Awards Finals Event if successful.

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Important Information

Note that the entry fee only pays for your access to the entry forms and submission. It does not cover the fees for any seats at the Awards Finals and Ceremony.

If you require an invoice please email a copy of a purchase order to accounts@awardsinternational.ae

We ask that you state the full organisation name and the name of the person who requested the purchase order for clarification purposes.

Once your Entry has been processed it is subject to the Awards Terms and Conditions . Please click the link for full details of this policy. Please take note of the cancellation policy in particular.