It was a wonderful opportunity to meet people from companies of all shapes and sizes, from inspiring new start-ups to long established and respected local brands to internationally recognized household names. The presentations brought to life some amazing stories of triumph and teamwork to overcome challenges and embrace opportunities.
Susie Isaacson, British Centres for Business


Welcome to the International Business Excellence Awards!

Held in Dubai on 30th November 2020, this promises to be a memorable celebration of the outstanding work done by businesses worldwide.

Brought to you by Awards International, the IBXA recognises long-term sustainable profitability. We believe this is achieved through the practice of excellence, which occurs across a broad range of disciplines. Together, these define the modern business agenda.

The Awards are a complete end-to-end experience: from the moment you arrive to the end of the Awards ceremony, you will find the day fulfilling, enlightening - and fun!

What a fabulous experience this was, with so many professionals in one place. Well done to the judges who gave up their time - the effort and passion in those presentations was outstanding.
Emma Sutton, Senior Customer Director EMEA, Cloud Transformation, Oracle

Fairest Awards

Fairness is essential to the credibility of any awards programme, and we take more steps than any other to ensure this:

  • At least 5 judges for every category.
  • Every entry is scored at least 10 times (once online and once at the live presentations by every judge in the category).
  • Live judging and scores from written entries decide who is the winner on the day of the Awards.
  • Each entry scrutinised by independent judges for at least 7.5 hours

These are the first awards we organised in the Gulf region, and we’ve worked tirelessly over the past six years to place transparency, innovation and integrity at their heart.

We always listen to customer feedback and continually make improvements to the awards experience. No other awards scrutinises entries so thoroughly.

And with live presentations that you can attend, talks from top business influencers and networking opportunities throughout the day, this is so much more than an Awards ceremony!

The overall experience of the awards setup was very encouraging and specially the quality of the judges panel was impressive. We truly appreciate the efforts of Awards International in organizing this special event.
Syed Farhan Alvi, Etisalat

International Business Experience

IBX is part of a global business movement, giving you the chance to meet and compete with companies from all over the world.

Over the last twelve years, we’ve been leading the way in recognising inspirational business practices, holding over 100 events and hosting more than 2000 companies.

We’re excited for you to join us.

It was a pleasure to be part of this event. The quality of submissions and knowledge sharing was superb.
Michelle Moore, LGPS Central Limited

What's new?

  • An updated set of 20 categories. No matter the size, sector or scope of your organisation, we have the right category for you!
  • Fully certified judges
  • Meeting schedule
  • A simplified entry form, now featuring 7 questions (8 for the team and professional categories).
  • Brand new awards software, Awards Manager 2. We are the only awards which have a bespoke awards software, giving full auditability of scoring and feedback reports. Customers now have their own portal and account so you can keep coming back to the application until your entries are perfectly crafted.
  • #BizTalks. 6 expert speakers will share up to date research and opinion on matters of importance for businesses in the region and internationally.

Not only was the event entertaining, it also provided an excellent opportunity to learn about CX efforts in a wide range of activities from an interesting mix of organisations.
Jan Rozendaal, Managing Consultant, Looyint

The Judges

We are the only Awards where judges can apply for the position!

A judge spends 1.5 hours assessing each entry, online and at the finals. With at least 5 judges per category, that means your entry is considered for a minimum of 7.5 hours!

Who judged last year?

It was truly inspirational to see the innovation and quality on show, and gave me a number of 'nuggets' to take back to the day job.
Ian Ashy, Service Now

Awards Experience

The Awards will be held in Dubai, a city with a distinguished history of global trade. It’s the perfect place to compete for the top prizes in the world of international business.

From 9am to 1pm, finalists present in front of independent judging panels, with plenty of networking opportunities throughout the day. Once all the presentations have finished, we host a memorable Awards ceremony in the evening. Find out the winners and enjoy some spectacular entertainment!