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It was a wonderful opportunity to meet people from companies of all shapes and sizes, from inspiring new start-ups to long established and respected local brands to internationally recognized household names. The presentations brought to life some amazing stories of triumph and teamwork to overcome challenges and embrace opportunities.


The IBXA is back for another year of honouring and celebrating the best business results and achievements.

  • Are you ready to meet the challenges of the new normal?
  • Has your business been affected by COVID-19?
  • Have you survived or have you thrived?
  • Which accomplishments are you most proud of?
  • Do you want to be awarded for your success?


When you receive an award for excellent work and achievements with your people, during this challenging period, it needs to be an award that is special and meaningful.

An award thus received will allow you to: 1) reflect on your achievements, 2) plan ahead and 3) get the assurance that you are on the right track.

Awards International is here to ensure that your business triumphs are cherished, appreciated and rewarded.

Take part in IBXA21 and grab the opportunity to crown your success!

Winners 2021

What a fabulous experience this was, with so many professionals in one place. Well done to the judges who gave up their time - the effort and passion in those presentations was outstanding.

Ethical Awards

We always make sure that our entrants have an equal chance of competing and winning an award. All our awards programmes are known for maintaining a high level of scrutiny for each category.

  • At least 3-6 judges per category
  • Every entry is scored at least 10 times by the judges in your category (first online and then again at the live online presentations)
  • 6,500 unique scores on the day, plus 5,200 scores from written entries
  • Each entry is scrutinised by independent judges for at least 7.5 hours

In recognition of our achievements, we are recipients of the coveted Outstanding Trust Mark from the Independent Awards Standards Council, for the second year running.

Awards International will continue to strive for perfection in all our awards programmes, so that we can guarantee the best possible awards experience to every participant!

Winners 2021

The overall experience of the awards setup was very encouraging and specially the quality of the judges panel was impressive. We truly appreciate the efforts of Awards International in organizing this special event.

How to Enter

Entering the IBXA21 is simple – in just two easy steps!


Choose the category(-ies); find a category that reflects your organisation’s success. You may apply for as many categories as you wish; you may also submit the same entry across multiple categories.


Submit your entry form; the online entry form is your key to impressing the judges, so make it count! Once you sign up to enter, you will gain access to the form via login details. The written entry represents 50% of your final score.


Await the announcement of the shortlisted entries: on November 4th, a panel of IBXA judges will shortlist the companies for the Awards Finals. After that comes your presentation, finding out whether you won and – enjoying the Awards Ceremony!

For more information with the entry process, and for answers to any other questions, please contact your Awards Consultant Aleksandra Muncan on +442086387125 or email Aleksandra at aleksandra.m@awardsinternational.com

To learn more about the initiatives we’re recognising and awarding this year, please check out our categories page.

Winners 2021

These awards are not only a wonderful experience for all the finalists, but an event that recognizes those organisations that truly deserve to be awarded for their efforts. The judging panel consists of top experts that are experienced in their line of work, which guarantees that our best achievements will be appreciated. It's a great honour to be awarded from such an esteemed group of business professionals.


By entering IBXA21, you also get the opportunity to network with many other business professionals from various industries.

At the finals and the Awards Ceremony, hundreds of our finalists, judges and other participants will have a chance to connect and network in our breakout rooms via our Awards Manager app.

Every participant can:

  • swipe through entrants’ profiles
  • match with fellow professionals
  • arrange discussions
  • network


  • Non-exclusive, open for all

    JUN 22
  • Exclusive

Winners 2021

I like that the awards consultants helped us out from the start in our journey to the finals. They were very supportive and we got all the information necessary to enter and compete for the award! We appreciate the team and how much effort they put into organising the finals and ceremony.

What's New

For IBXA21, we have created 18 categories that reflect the changes and challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the ways in which companies worldwide respond to the crisis.

Many companies were forced to embrace remote work, many had to restructure. Various new businesses were started and many new products developed.

Numerous organisations have found new strength and emerged better and stronger. They didn’t allow problems to stop them; problems fueled them to achieve excellence.

Our goal was to create categories that will help you showcase your results clearly and effectively, so that you can amaze the judges and get awarded!

In the light of the changes that have happened around the world due to the pandemic, we decided to model IBXA21 as a hybrid event. Thus, all our finalists will be able to hold their presentations remotely.

The Awards Finals (the presentations) will be held LIVE online, whereas the Awards Ceremony (and the announcement of winners) will be live (1PM – 5 PM).

Winners 2021

Our whole team head a great time at the awards and we cannot wait to join again next year! The awards team made sure that all participants enjoy and have zero problems during the finals. Well done! We hope to meet in future events and share our business results.

The Benefits

Companies want increased assistance with benchmarking and learning from the best practices. Business excellence worldwide is having a major impact on companies’ competitiveness and performance.

By taking part in IBXA21, you will get an opportunity to:

  • Enhance your business reputation and improve innovation
  • Generate new ideas by learning from result-driven practices
  • Increase your customer satisfaction and trust
  • Enhance team culture through team building
  • Increased employee satisfaction and commitment
  • Improve efficiency within your organisation
  • Enhance your brand image in the market
  • Create a foundations for further development

Winners 2021

These business awards are a wonderful opportunity to improve your organisation, but also learn from others about good practices and results. Meeting likeminded people helped us see the best in ourselves and learn what to improve for our employees and customers.


Winning an international award can give professionals not only the benefit of a renewed confidence in themselves, but also help transform their careers and their businesses.

You can help create amazing stories and be remembered as being a major influence on someone's career!

Also, these awards are a unique opportunity to learn more about emerging trends and top business practices, so that you can improve your own organisation.

Contact us today to explore the available sponsorship options.

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