Awards Categories

The International Business Excellence Awards

recognise and celebrate exceptional initiatives by both teams and individual professionals in 34 categories across sectors and disciplines.

Each category has been meticulously developed to consider the key issues in international business as well as being aligned with internationally recognised industry classification systems.

Decide if you are going to make a Sector specific, Discipline specific or People specific entry for the IBX Awards based on the category titles below.

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Multiple category entry

Having decided on one entry, it may be the content can quickly be adapted to submit multiple entries. Your entry may also suit a different Category and indeed make a great individual or team entry. Maximise your chances of winning by entering multiple categories.

Business Formation Company - Companies responsible for issuing business permits and licenses, employee visa and regulating the business requirements. This could be for on-shore, off-shore and Free Zone company formations.

Family Business - Any business in which two or more family members are involved and the majority of ownership or control lies within a family. The business need to include governance and how they were able to be successful.

Financial Services Banking & Investment - Banking & Investment Services, Insurance, Mortgage, Investment Trusts, Pensions, Auxiliary Financial Services.

Professional Services - Professional, Scientific and Technical activities.

Automotive, Travel and Transport - Air travel, car dealership, car hire, repair, roadside assistance, car servicing, logistics, delivery services, Commercial Airlines.

Shipping and Maritime - Shipment, Port Operation, Cargo, Marine, Maritime Services

Real Estate and Construction - Real estate development, property, buildings or housing, Construction of Buildings, Civil Engineering, Specialised Construction Activities, Construction Materials.

Hospitality, Leisure and Entertainment - Hotels, holidays, cinemas, gyms, ticketing, Hospitality, Art, Entertainment, Recreation and Sport and any other providers of related services, Travel Agencies, Tour Operators, Reservation Services.

Wellbeing & Health - Healthcare equipment & supplies, Healthcare providers & services, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Medical Research, Medical & Dental practice, Nutritionists & Dieticians, Alternative Medicine.

Government Services - Public administration, NGOs, Defense, Other Governmental Departments.

Energy - Coal, Oil and Gas, Oil and Gas related equipment & services, Renewable Energy, Electricity, Water & Multiutilities.

Manufacturing - Industrial Goods Manufacturing, Technology Manufacturing, Textiles & Apparel, Homebuilding Equipment Manufacturing, Aerospace Manufacturing, Aerospace Parts, Maritime Manufacturing, Automotive Manufacturing, Automotive Parts.

Retail - Diversified Retailers, Specialist Retailers, Online Retailers.

Technology and Smart Technology - Semiconductors & Semiconductor Equipment, Communications Equipment, Communications & Office Equipment, Software & IT Services, Mobile Applications, Online Technologies, Software as a Service.

Telecommunications and Information - Fixed line telecommunications, Mobile Telecommunications, Communication Services, New Economy Communications.

SME - Medium, Small & Micro Organisations.

Food and Beverage (F&B) - Restaurants, Cafes, Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing.

Education - Private Education, Public Education, Primary Education, Secondary Education, Further Education.

Corporate Social Responsibility - Implementation of Social, Environmental, Economic, Ethical, Legal & Other Philanthropic Initiatives leading to Profit with Responsibility.

Sustainability - Strategies and Initiatives by companies which directly impact the main Sustainibility issues facing the world; which are- Energy, Fertile Land, Transport Issues, Waste Management, Climate Change, Natural Resources, Flooding, Pollution, Social Unrest.

Strategy, Change and Transformation - The Initiatives entered into this Category may include a Business Strategy, Feasibility Study, Change & Transformation Initiative and/or Diversification Initiative.

Marketing, Social Media and Brand - Marketing Initiative/Campaign, Market Research, Product or Service Launch, Branding or Re-Branding, Inbound Marketing Strategy, Social Media Initiative/Campaign, Digital Marketing Strategy, Coordinated Marketing Strategy.

Customer Experience and Voice of the Customer - Executions of projects which have positively impacted Customer Experience. This may be initiatives relating to Customer Service, Customer Experience Management, Customer Experience Measurement, Operations, Initiatives used to capture customers' expectations, preferences and aversions for the betterment of a product and/or service.

Client Relationship Management - Using CRM and/or related CRM technology to deliver great Customer Experience.

Financial Management - Initiatives which involve IPO, Rites Issue, Bootstrapping/Cost Cutting,  Capital Investment or Cash-flow Management.

Entering Emerging Markets - Successful entry into emerging market highlighting the challenges and the solutions which led to tangible business results.

E-Commerce and Digital Experience - Initiatives highlighting the successful implementation of an Ecommerce strategy or the integration of Ecommerce into the current business model or focus of the Customers’ Digital User Experience.

Information Security - Successful implementation of systems defending information from unauthorised access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, perusal, inspection, recording or destruction (Physical or Electronic).

Towards 2020 - A company that is involved in the build up and development for the Expo2020.

Employer - Improved Business Results, Highly Motivated Employees, High Staff Retention Rates, Human Resource Initiatives, Personnel Development Initiatives.

Employee Engagement - Strategies and initiatives which have led to an increase in Levels of Employee Engagement.

Management Team - Successful Management Team

Inspirational Male Leader - Person Leading with Exceptional Tangible Business Results

Inspirational Female Leader - Person Leading with Exceptional Tangible Business Results

An Overall Sector Specific and Overall Discipline Specific Awards Winner will also be announced on the day.
This is derived from the entry that achieves the Judges’ highest score from all categories in each of the Awards i.e. the ‘Winner’s Winner!’

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