Awards Expectations: An Interview with CEO Neil Skehel

As we build up to the International Business Excellence Awards later this year, I had the chance to catch up with Awards International CEO, Neil Skehel. And it’s fair to say that he’s looking forward to the event!


“It’s going to be amazing,” he said. “Our new management in the UAE are doing a really great job. Dubai is the perfect place to hold these Awards, and Q4 2021 is the perfect time: there will be a lot of interest in Dubai because of the Universal Expo. Whether people are in town for the expo, or dialling in online from all over the world, there will be something for everyone.”


This year’s Awards will be held in a hybrid format: our guests will be able to join the event in the way that’s most convenient for them. But if you’re able to make the trip to Dubai, it will certainly be worth it. “If you haven’t attended a live, in-venue event this year, make this the one!” says Neil. “There will be so many wonderful stories of heroism in the pandemic. That’s what will make these Awards so different. I don’t think we will ever forget these last two years and taking the positive from adversity and tragedy is a fitting way to heal – and learn as well.”


Finalists will be sharing their stories of how they survived and thrived in the time of corona, and that’s something Awards International can truly sympathise with. We’ve learned our own lessons about business excellence in the last year or so, as Neil explains: “Those who were focused on running their business with strong leadership, who engaged their teams and managed to deliver a great customer experience have been those most likely to survive the pandemic. Around the world, we’ve seen wonderful examples of adaptability, whether in the workforce, operations or indeed in products. I am very much looking forward to celebrating these achievements at the Awards.”


And you won’t want to miss out: after all the changes we’ve seen in 2020-21, these Awards will show you the way to get ahead – and give proper recognition for your efforts. “The world is a different place now,” says Neil. “Businesses have changed. There has been so much upheaval, and with that comes many new business opportunities. What better way to position your brand with an International Business Excellence Award? With panels of highly qualified independent judges, mould-breaking transparency, and robustness in everything we do, you will know your award is truly deserved.”


With so many different companies presenting, it’s going to be a fantastic educational opportunity. “Innovation, new businesses, start-ups, and the support we give these ideas will feature high on the agenda this year. The future is dependent on ground-breaking ideas today, and that’s what these Awards are all about. The UAE is a great place for innovation, so it’s fitting that we’re holding these Awards in Dubai.”


The International Business Excellence Awards will be held on December 6th and 7th in Dubai, with the option to join the Awards online as well. Enter now!