Business Excellence - Business Excellence Models

What are Business Excellence Models (BEMs)? They are a set of principles in business used to address the importance of excellence in every part of a company, not only product and process quality.


Why are they used in more than 83 countries as a critical mechanism in improving a company’s business? Organisations use BEMs to grasp and evaluate which processes should be improved to get better results.


Business Excellence Core Values and Concepts

To fully grasp BEMs, we first need to understand the core values and concepts they originated from. Let us go through these together:



How to use these core values?

The core values and concepts are things that should be implemented inside one organisation. So, it is essential to know:


What's next?

Now that we understand Business Excellence models better, next week we will look into particular widely-accepted BEMs. We will discuss them in detail and try to explain why they're so popular.


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