How to Write an Outstanding Awards Entry?

If you want to increase your chances of getting shortlisted as an awards finalist, writing an outstanding awards entry is the best way to do that.


A well-written entry presents your business results and achievements in the best light. But what’s the best way of doing this?



Here are our TOP 5 tips for writing an entry that gets you closer to the Awards Finals.


1. Choose your category well


Before you start writing the entry, you need to choose the correct category. Choose a category that best reflects the results and achievements you want to present. Make sure that the category of your choice will encompass your business efforts.




2. Tell a compelling story


Make sure that you take the judges on a journey: establish the context, develop with relevant details and show some tangible conclusions. The text should be easy for the judges to follow and grammatically correct. Before pasting the text, run it through a spell/grammar checker to make sure it’s presentable. Also, make sure that you hit the required word count!


3. Include attachments


Entries with attachments have a much higher chance of getting shortlisted. Use additional documents that can help illustrate your submission: images, charts, infographics, etc. If you add several attachments per entry section, that can significantly improve your overall score.


4. Present specific actions


The more specific you are, the easier it will be for the shortlisting panel to understand you. It’s essential to see what specific actions you took. Therefore, don’t talk “in general”. Go in-depth and present the exact moves your organisation made in the work process.


5. Describe your results


The success of your initiative must be proved with hard numbers and percentages. You shouldn’t just say: “We’re pleased with the results”. How good are your results in terms of figures? Did your business go up 5%? 20%? Write down exactly how much your business improved because of the actions you implemented.


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