Nothing was the Same After this Victorious Day

You wake up in Dubai. The first thing you lay your eyes on is the shiny trophy on the night table next to you. A smile on your face. You think about last night. Pride comes to mind as the smile slowly turns into a grin. Yes, your hard work paid off and your team won the International Business Excellence Awards!

You take your time today, realising there's no trace of guilt because you know that you've earned it. After putting in a tremendous amount of effort, making mistakes along the way and making a lot of sacrifices, you deserve this break. Your initiative gained recognition on an international level.

You open up your laptop, head to your LinkedIn and see lots of congratulatory messages. 12 new contact requests? As you skim through them, you see the face of the most extraordinary gentleman you've talked to at the dinner reception. He is the COO of the latest big online store. As they are based in Phuket, you recall he proposed that you should come to their HQ and discuss a potential partnership.

So you share the AI IBXA '21 victory post and go out for lunch. You bump into one of the judges in the hotel elevator, and you casually start chit-chatting. Your good mood and the winner's confidence leads to asking them to join you for lunch. They accept.

As you're waiting for your Wagyu beef to arrive, your acquaintance talks about her path to becoming a judge. She explains that she has 32 years of experience in the customer experience field, noting that her Berlin experience at Amazon was the place which influenced her the most.

For the last 5 years, she's been a judge at various awards ceremonies, but the IBXA is the only one that she came back to for 3 years in a row. She mentions that she's here every year because the judges are fully independent in scoring the entries, so she could use all of her expertise to make her comments on the entry.

You exchange contact details and say your goodbyes. Time to contact your team. You call them and see many smiling faces. It was worth it. It was all worth it! You start sharing details about other great presentations and explain how you could factor what you've seen in your own future work. You check the watch and remind yourself - time really does fly when you're having fun. The sun is setting. A deep breath followed by an exhale filled with relaxation.

As you're packing your suitcase for the evening flight, the phone chimes and you catch that it's an email from Awards International before the background light goes dark again.

The flight is a bit late, so you remember to check the email. The company congratulates you on your victory and asks if you're open to having a video interview as a part of their Awards Limelight Series. You realise that what seemed to be over is just the beginning and board your flight.

The sky is full of stars tonight, all shining bright. You saw them many times before, but this time it's just a different feeling.

Great story, right? All you need to do to make it come true is apply for the IBXA '21 now! The rest is up to us - at Awards International, we help business dreams come true!

Better hurry, the Entry Deadline ends on 24th September.