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Best New Product

If your organisation has brought out a new product that has taken the marketplace by storm, this award is for you!

Best Place to Work

To win this category, your company must excel at attracting and retaining staff. If your organisation has created a rewarding, engaging and supportive network where employees feel trusted and valued, this is the award for you.

Customer Experience

This is for companies delivering an outstanding customer experience/ taking steps to place customers at the heart of what they do/ all with a goal of increasing overall customer happiness.

Employee Engagement

Are you one of the companies that realise enhancing the employee engagement leads to happier workers, better customer experience and better commercial results? We want to recognise that progress!

Financial Services

Do you want to be known as the best company offering financial services? Banks, credit card companies, investment funds, or insurance policies of any kind are all welcome to participate in this category. Entrants will demonstrate how they have raised standards and built trust with their clients over the past year.

Inspirational Leader

The category where all leaders can showcase their amazing initiatives/ leadership skills and commercial results.

Social Impact

If your business makes a positive social difference in the local or wider community, this award is for you. This category gathers the best in corporate social responsibility.

Strategy, Change and Transformation

This category is for individuals or organisations that have changed or transformed their business in a positive manner through a specific programme.


We believe in long-term sustainable profitability: this award recognises businesses acting with the future in mind, both environmentally and commercially.

Wellbeing & Health

This category is open to businesses that promote health and general well-being at work in a serious and responsible manner. With growing awareness of the negative impacts of stress in the workplace, judges will look for evidence of positive action towards stress management and innovative initiatives to promote well-being and reduce stress.

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