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We have made sure that there are enough categories to choose from and apply for. Browse through each of them and choose the one(s) that are most suitable for your initiative.

Best business response to the crisis

The pandemic took the whole world by surprise, and so many businesses found it hard to cope with the new situation. This category celebrates those organisations that managed to respond to the crisis well and thrive from implemented practices.

Best customer experience

Taking care of the customers and making them feel appreciated is one of the biggest challenges for any company. The award in this category is reserved for those organisations that create the best customer experience for their clients. Present your achievements and show us how it’s done.

Best marketing or PR agency

Are you a marketing/PR agency doing amazing work that outshines the competition? Have you achieved tremendous results for your clients? This category is reserved for the best of the best; submit your entry and claim the top award.

Best new business

New businesses are emerging every day, but it’s very hard to show you’re the best right from the start, as there are a lot of challenges to overcome. If you have the results to back your claim, show us why your company should be rewarded in this category.

Best online business

Have you developed your business fully online, without a “physical store”? Although it seems like it’s very easy to do in this day and age, running an online business is far from easy. Show how you have created your online business and compete for the award in this category.

Best company to work for

What do your employees say? Are you a company they would gladly recommend to others? How happy are they in the workplace? Show that you are the best company to work for and claim your award!

Best sustainability initiative

The future belongs to those companies that integrate best sustainability practices in their day-to-day work. Therefore, we have included this category to celebrate the best sustainability initiative and the company behind it. Present your achievements to the judging panel and get recognised!

Best website or app

Without a good website and app, a company is bound to suffer. Nowadays, it’s all about having the perfect interface for the customers; it must be intuitive, easy to use and mobile-friendly. If you have a website/app you’re proud of, take part in the race!

Best business change and/or transformation

Change is an integral part of business. The best companies in the world are changing continuously; it is a prerogative for improvement and success. This category celebrates those businesses that have undergone the best change and/or transformation to secure higher efficiency and better results.

Best business change and/or transformation - Operational Excellence

Diversity and inclusion program

Diversity and inclusion are very important because everyone deserves an equal chance in the workplace. This category is reserved for businesses that have created the best diversity and inclusion program for their employees.

Health and wellbeing

Employees will work best if their health and wellbeing in the workplace is not compromised in any way. Taking care of team members should be the number one priority for every company. The best in this category will show how they have created the environment in which their employees can thrive.

Distributed workforce (remote working)

In recent years, the very nature of work changed significantly. Even before the pandemic, companies began allowing workers to work from home or remotely; and once the world went into lockdown, remote working grew enormously. If you managed to organise your company with distributed workforce, present it to the judging panel.

Product development

Developing a product comes in several stages, and only the best companies know how to do it well. This category is for those businesses that excel at product development. Show us how you approach this important aspect of business.

Most effective social impact

What businesses do can often have a direct or indirect impact on the community. But if you want to achieve a level of social impact that’s highly noticeable and results-oriented, then it should be tracked and measured. Present your results for the most effective social impact and win this category.

Best applied technology

Technology can greatly facilitate the work process, but only if it’s used in the right way. This category is for those businesses that have applied technology well and achieved outstanding results thereafter. Showcase your process and get in the race for the award!

Team of the year

The best results come through teamwork. This category celebrates those organisations that have enabled their team to work well and achieve outstanding results.

Leader of the year

Every business needs a leader, someone who inspires and sets the trace for the future. If your organisation has a leader like this, please submit your entry and enter the race for the leader of the year.

Heroes of the Pandemic

The pandemic showed us how noble people can be/ and how much sacrifice they can take to protect the ones they care about. This category celebrates people who have done so much that they deserve to be called – heroes in the pandemic.

Winners 2021